Team Competition Schedules

Team Competition Schedules will be released in late May. Please check this page regularly, as all schedules are subject to change! If amendments are made, you will be advised via the information below for each competition.

In 2016, many issues arose as a result of late entries and withdrawals. To reduce the number of changes in 2017 the following conditions apply:
1. Victorian Calisthenics Clubs cannot contact a competition convener for a late entry.
2. If a Club withdraws and prevents a competition to continue the remaining clubs entered will be offered a transfer of entry to another competition.
3. The offer of a transfer will be made exclusively by the conveners, not the club administrator or coach.

For venue details please visit our 'Venue Information' Page


NB: The schedule has been released in two formats:
1) by section so as easier to find your applicable section AND
2) in usual date order for those who would like a general overview. 

DLP & Lighting will be available for all sections at all venues

CVI Schedule by Section
CVI Schedule by Date

*Amended 12th May - times for Division 9 Juniors updated. 
* Updated 15th May - time for Division 10 Sub-Juniors and Champ Reserve Tinies and Juniors updated.
*Updated 19th July - time for Division 2 Tinies updated in the "by Section" schedule


Barwon Schedule 


Bayside Schedule


Longbeach Schedule

*Updated 29th May - times for competitions running on 5th & 6th August amended. 

Mt District

Mt District Schedule

* Updated 17th May - times altered on Saturday 9th September. Changes highlighted in red
* Updated 13th July - changes highlighted in red


Northern Schedule

*updated 15th May
*updated 1st June


Ringwood Schedule


Waverley Schedule

*Updated 31st May


Westernport Schedule

*updated 15th May


Westside Schedule

*Updated 9th June - times for Sunday 8th October amended

Country Competitions

Horsham Schedule

Mt Gambier Schedule

Warrnambool Schedule