Competition Resources

Competition Forms

The following forms must be brought to competitions and handed in at check in

Backstage & Curtain Form 

Lighting Sheet 

*NB Lighting sheets are not required for Blackout Entry/Exits only. 


The following are requirements of the club for all competitions

  • The club is responsible for ensuring all adults backstage have a WWCC (there will be spot checks done by competitions) 
  • The club is responsible for maintaining a sign in and out sheet for team members (for child safety and evacuation purposes)
  • A DLP Waiver Form (if using DLP) must be completed 
  • Team sheets are not required


Music (mp3 & mp4) Upload

Music is uploaded through the club's myCompHQ portal.

  • Music must be in mp3 format.
  • DLP must be in mp4 format. 


Other competition resources

DLP copyright FAQs

Theatre Information

Stage Marking Diagram 

Metro Team Competition Pricing

Competition FAQs

Panel Adjudication

Abbreviations used for Critique Papers