Adjudicator Information

Calisthenics Victoria is the accrediting body for Calisthenics Victoria Adjudicators. Accredited Adjudicators are supported by ongoing formal and informal education opportunities to ensure the quality of adjudication remains high and current across Victoria.

Adjudicator Pathway

Adjudicator Framework & Information 

Adjudicator Ethics and Code of Conduct


Competition Resources

Critiques - Solo/Duo/Trios Marking Criteria - Solo/Duo/Trios Markup Sheets - Solo/Duo/Trios
Critiques - CaliSport Teams Marking Criteria - CaliSport Teams Markup Sheets - CaliSport Teams


Competition Rules

2024 Solo/Duo/Trio Rules 2024 Solo/Duo/Trio Rules Change Table
2024 CaliSport Team Rules 2024 CaliSport Teams Rules Change Table
Banned Movements