Are you looking to add a dynamic and engaging activity to your school's curriculum in Term 3 or 4? Consider our brand new CaliSchools program, designed to bring the excitement of calisthenics to schools.

CaliSchools, developed by Calisthenics Victoria, is a brand-new adapted calisthenics program. With a focus on fun movement, musicality, strength, and grace, students will experience all the different aspects of our uniquely Australian sport. With its many different routines and skill sets, CaliSchools offers something for everyone. If you are looking to try something new that incorporates fitness, apparatus, dance and teamwork, look no further than CaliSchools!

An experienced and qualified calisthenics Coach will attend your school or ELC and run the sessions. Students will encounter a welcome, introducing them to our uniquely Australian sport, a full body warm-up followed by an introduction to calisthenics skills (which can include our apparatus items, rods and/or clubs). Students will learn a fun routine which incorporates different calisthenics items and finish with a performance opportunity in the final week. Depending on the allocated time and program option, we also have some short video resources for the children to watch to see calisthenics in action on stage. We bring everything with us, we only require a space big enough so they the children can dance around safely.

If you or a school you know is interested in providing students with a fun and active experience that promotes physical fitness, coordination, and teamwork, complete the Expression of Interest form today: