Club Affiliation

Please find below information on registration for 2024. Remember that the email address listed on your affiliation form will be the one used by CaliVic to send information to. Please ensure you contact us if the contact email address changes.

Please ensure all 2024 Club Affiliation documents are completed by no later than 1 March 2024 to ensure your club retains the benefits of affiliation for the coming year, including:

  • All insurance policies, including personal accident, professional indemnity and public liability

  • Club delegates are eligible to vote at the Calisthenics Victoria Annual General Meeting

  • Benefit from the services and resources provided by Calisthenics Victoria

By affiliating with CaliVic, your Club and its members agree to comply with all Calisthenics Victoria rules and policies and acknowledge that any disciplinary procedures adopted by CaliVic are binding upon them.

It is a condition of affiliation that all coaches appointed by your Club are all current financial members of CaliVic 

Each section must be under the active supervision at all times of at least one Development Coach. 

By completing all required affiliation papers by the due date, affiliation with CaliVic is complete pending the payment of any CaliVic invoices by the required dates stated on invoice.

Clubs are required to complete the Club Relocation Proposal Form when requesting to relocate venues in 2024. This is to align Calisthenics Victorias Club Application and Ongoing Affiliation Policy.

Please ensure you read through and explore each page to ensure you have all information. 

Club Admin Checklist Schedule of Fees Membership Consent Form
Club Volunteer Insurance One Music Information Club Application & Affiliation Policy