Adjudicator Profiles

Alex Otzen

Alex commenced adjudicating in 2012, (joined as Cadet 2007). Alex has a wealth of experience, this includes: NSW Teams Competition (2012 & 2016), Deanne Solo Competition ACT (2013), Hills District Graceful solo grading competition panel WA (2017), ACT State Solo Championships (2018), QLD State Solo Championships panel (2019), ACT Preliminary Solo Competition (2021), Brisbane Teams Competition QLD (2021), Warrnambool Eisteddfod 2012&2013, Rich River Competition 2014, Horsham Competition 2017, Mt Gambier Solo & Teams Eisteddfod 2022. CaliVic State Championships Panels: Championship Juniors Panel 2015, Championship Sub-Juniors Panel 2017&2019, CaliChamp Intermediates Panel 2021, Senior Calisthenic Solo Open Panel 2019&2022, 14&15 Year Graceful Solo Open Panel 2022 and the 13&14 Year Graceful Solo Open Panel 2021. Alex contributes to calisthenics in many ways, these include: VCCA Membership Registrar 2005-2023, ACFCC Registrar 2014-current, VCCA Calisthenic Development Coach of the Year 2016 and CaliVic Service to Calisthenics volunteer award finalist 2015.

Andrea Philipsen

My involvement in calisthenics has helped shape the person I am today. I see my current roles as an Advanced Adjudicator, Examiner and Coach Assessor as opportunities to contribute to the ongoing development and growth of our sport. I congratulate Calisthenics Victoria for their work in inspiring so many members of our calisthenics community to enjoy the excitement and benefits of performing solos, duos and trios in 2023. I look forward to Adjudicating at the Victorian State Championships and sincerely hope our solo, duo and trio entrants enjoy every moment of their performance.

Bronwyn Lloyd

Bronwyn was the president and secretary of VCTA (now VCCA). She has team managed a number of State team for sub juniors and member was a member in state team in the 90's. She shared office duties for VCCA including seminar organisation and sourcing presenters (including AGM speakers Colin Peasely of Aus Ballet and Li Cunxin Author of "Mao's Last Dancer). Been involved in monitoring coaches and assisting with country classes for over 40 years. Bronwyn also is on the organising panel for the inaugural Austraila Games

Cara Ludbrook

Cara has been adjudicating since 2015. She has had the privilege of being the Assistant Coach of the Victorian Sub Juniors 2006 and 2007, and the Coach of the Victorian Sub Juniors 2008 and 2010. Cara's time in Calisthenics has provided her with lifelong friendships, and now has have the privilege of adjudicating and giving back to our wonderful sport.


Danielle Kenner


Deborah Godsell

Diane Lukey

Diane has adjudicated Interstate at ACT, Qld, SA and WA in solos and teams. She has also adjudicated at many country competitions - Warnambool, Shepparton, Horsham, & all local Victorian competitions including Ballarat and Bendigo. It is such a great experience going Interstate and to the Victorian countryside and adjudicating wonderful teams and soloists competing in our wonderful sport and having lots of fun. currently on the ASCA Vic committee as the cadet coordinator and have been an active member of the committee for appoximately 8 years, also holding the position of assistant secretary minute taker. Diane has been involved in the Vic State Team as an assistant and a mentor coach and have assisted with costumes, headgear coordinator and chaperone for over 10 years. She has mentored a number of teams locally, worked in the Active After School calisthenic programs and mentored coaches at Championship level. Diane has volunteered in many roles for CaliVic - Level 1 coordinator -Level 1 and cadet presenter- assessor & timer. She was assistant coach when the Victorian Junior State Team won the 2015 Victorian Junior Team of the year. Diane commenced calisthenics at age 5 at St Marks Calisthenics and competed for 25 years before joining a married ladies class coached by Margaret Lingham. She started coaching in 1990, and had many successful years coaching. In 2007 Diane started coaching and mentoring at Avonde CC working with most sections. She then coached a non competitve team with Jill Goss for 10 years. Diane loves all that calisthenics brings to her life - music, joy, performance, costumes, designing, creating... She loves it all!

  Elizabeth Bolzon

Genine McCorkell

Genine is an Advanced 2 Maintenance Adjudicator. She has adjudicated at all Metropolitan competitions for both teams and solos. Genine has adjudicated teams interstate in QLD and ACT and Solos in WA and ACT. Have adjudicated on panels at RSSS and CaliVic State Championships. She was the first to trial voice critiques at Cali Champ Connect solo concerts and has used E-Crits at interstate competitions. Genine has been a VCTA Coach of the Year 2000, Nationals winning coach 2005 & 2015 and been a ASCA Committee member for the past 11 years. Genine enjoys staying actively involved in current classes and giving back to our sport by mentoring teams and their coaches locally and interstate. She has successfully coached all age groups from Tots through to Masters, Solos both Calisthenics and Graceful and Skills. 

Jodie Russell

Jodie has been adjudicating since 2021, she has travelled to many states (WA, SA, NT) during her cadetship to experience different processes and styles and meet other adjudicators. Jodie has Coached State Team (Victoria & NT) over 10 years in total, Coached all divisions from Championship to Div 9, Coached all age groups, Coached solos all age groups (Novice through to Open), Mentored many coaches in Victoria & NT, and has served on the VCCA committee and am currently on the ASCA Vic committee. Jodie is thoroughly enjoying her new pathway in adjudicating, and being able to give back to our wonderful sport.

Julie Fox

My life in calisthenics has rewarded me with exciting achievements as a Championship calisthenic performer, a coach of a Championship Club, an Advanced 2 Adjudicator with many years of experience in adjudicating for Calisthenics Victoria, the Royal South Street Eisteddfod Ballarat, interstate, and on four occasions at the ACF Nationals. I am an ACF Skills Examiner to Gold Medal and have dedicated near 30 years to a calisthenic exam program to ensure every calisthenic performer has the opportunity to improve their skills and reap the rewards of personal achievement and satisfaction. I have conducted many interstate and country seminars/workshops to assist with the development of our coaches and performers. Winning the prestigious Royal South Street Graceful Solo title at 17 years of age gave me the confidence and passion to continue my team and solo coaching and I’ve had the privilege to coach several winners and many placegetters in the Graceful Solo section. I was awarded the ACF Official of the Year in 2006, Life Membership of Calisthenics Victoria in 2015, Life Membership of ASCA Victoria in 2018, and ACF Life Membership in 2023. Other interests and accomplishments include being a Life Member of the Royal Academy of Dance, and my ongoing involvement with classical ballet and Pilates with a strong interest in music theatre and dance in general. I fully recognise that my involvement in calisthenics has provided me with a rich tapestry of life benefits and feel privileged to adjudicate the artistry and skill of our wonderful coaches and talented competitors.

Kelly Finlayson

Kelly has been adjudicating since 2003, she has adjudicated in QLD, ACT, SA metropolitan Melbourne, regional Victoria including Ballarat. Kelly has currently the Victorian Representative on the EAB, ASCA Victoria Committee Member, skills examiner. Kelly has been a State Team coach and Skills Coach of the Year 2015/2016. Kelly loves seeing calisthenics items come to life with the vision and expertise of our coaches.

Kerryn Waddell

Kerryn joined ASCA in 1989, she has Adjudicated in all States and Territories, at the National Championships (4 times), Cali-Unite, CVI State Championships, Metropolitan and Country competitions; and at Royal South Street numerous years. Kerryn is the Victorian delegate on the Adjudicators’ Advisory Board since 2004 and the ACF Director of Adjudicating from 2013-2022. Calisthenic achievements include a CaliVic Certificate of Appreciation, Sports Education Victoria Official of the Year, ACF Official of the Year and ASCA Life Membership. Kerryn also has a business in Market Research having conducted Calisthenic surveys for the ACF, CVI and CASA on participation and retention.

Kirrilly Wootton

As an adjudicator Kirrily has had the privilege of adjudicating across Victoria, both at metro competitions and regional competitions. She has also travelled to the Sunshine Coast to adjudicate. As a coach, Kirrily has worked with a variety of clubs across Australia to support coaches and performers including Canberra, Queensland and Western Australia. She has been a part of the coaching team for the Victorian State Team Sub-Juniors, Juniors and Intermediates. Kirrily currently coaches across all age groups at Jeaden through solos, duos and teams. Calisthenics has always been a huge part of her life. Kirrily adored her 27 years as a performer and still love the challenges and rewarding experience of coaching. Calisthenics is a unique and incredibly special performance sport. Through my role as an adjudicator, she hopes she can give back to a sport that has provided me with so many opportunities, life skills and joy over the years.

Lenore Cogan

Lenore commenced adjudicating in 2013, she has adjudicated Interstate at ACT and the State Team Solo Auditions. Lenore was a mentor for NT State Team in 2020, and currently Presents the Music & Singing Modules for Level 1 & Level 2.

Lisa Ritchie

Lisa has been involved in Calisthenics as a competitor, coach and adjudicator for most of her life. She has coached both teams and soloists at a range of age groups and levels. She has adjudicated interstate in WA, SA, ACT, QLD, NT and NSW as well as in Victoria at a range of local competitions, State Titles and Royal South Street. She has served on the ASCA Victoria Branch Committee for several years including roles as Treasurer, Cadet Co-ordinator and Assistant Secretary. Lisa is always interested in participants at all levels getting the most of Calisthenics in terms of their technical skills and for the pure enjoyment of our unique sport. Lisa is looking forward to adjudicating this year at the State Titles for Solos, Duos and Trios and wishes everyone involved much success.

Lynette Cousins

Lynette has adjudicated at State Championships, Royal South Street, Local and Regional Competitions, and in all states and Territories of the Country. She is a current member of VCCA, and was awarded Coach of the Year in Victoria in 2017. Lynette is currently the President of CVAC. and have been on the ASCA Committee for the past 8 years. Lynette has also held the positions of Treasurer and Vice President. She is also one of the Victorian delegates of AAB. Lynette was a pupil at Minerva Calisthenic College, which later changed it's name to Merinda Calisthenic College for 20 years. She has coached State Team on 3 occasions. Once as an Intermediate assistant and then twice as the Senior Coach, winning the Nationals in 2010. Lynette has coached at Ceres Calisthenic Club for over 20 years. She has coached Sub Juniors, Inters and Seniors and have won many State Champ and Royal South Street Aggregates. Lynette has also coached Senior Cali Soloists who have won State Championships, Royal South Street and National Titles.

Melinda Moutsos

Melinda was a Calisthenics pupil from Sub Juniors through to Masters and hopes to be performing at another Pan Pacs Masters games again soon. For over a decade enjoyed coaching at many different divisions and age groups with much success at local, state titles and rsss competitions. Thoroughly enjoyed growing teams and moving many divisions. Spent many years coaching and nurturing students through the skills program and solo competitions. Through her mid teens to young adulthood enjoyed dancing in many different styles, completing exams to high level, completing VCE Dance and experienced many professional performance opportunities. Melinda is enjoying her time as a mum within the Musical Theatre world. Crossing paths with many industry experts and learning all the aspects and skills required to put together a show.

Mellany Drew

Mellany has been fortune to have gained experience in adjudicating teams and solos interstate, at the RSSS Eisteddford and country competitions which have all been wonderful opportunities. Mellany joined the Avonde C.C as as sub-junior and had 17 years as a calisthenic performer. She represented the Vic State Team as an Intermediate and Senior, and also competed in the RSSS graceful solo section and was winner of the Victorian State Titles Graceful section. Mellany loves the transition to coaching and was fortunate that Jill Goss gave her the opportunity to start coaching at Avonde. She coached the Victorian State team on two occasions and winning the Nationals both times was a highlight. Mellany loves coaching many soloists including the winner of the RSSS graceful solo and ACF National graceful titles.

Michelle Urquhart

Michelle commenced adjudicating in 1984, she has adjudicated in all States, all divisions and age groups within Victoria, at Royal South Street and at National Championships. As well as a coach, in her early days, she had 2 daughters in Championship up to and including Seniors and now one is a Master, as well as enjoying a grand daughter's involvement. This has kept Michelle staying up to date with new trends as well as the team of people necessary to keep a club active.

Narelle Potter

Narelle began adjudicating in 2020, she has adjudicated at many Local , State championships , Panel State championships and interstate (S.A and NSW) Cal, Graceful solo adjudication. Various divisions, local , State Championship , Panel State Championships and Cali champ seniors and juniors team competition adjudication. Narelle is currently a ASCA Victoria committee member, Victorian Calisthenics Coach member, ACF National organising Committee , Level 2 Calisthenics Coach and course presenter. 10 years as a Victorian State Coach, Vic State Team coach liaison and mentor, ACF coach of the Year, Australian Calisthenics Sports Medal, Calisthenics Victoria Ambassador. Gold Medalist, senior state team member, Royal South Street and Australian Calisthenics Federation Graceful Girl winner and coach.

Paula Hessey

Paula commenced adjudicating in 2003, she has adjudicated at all local Victorian competitions for teams and solos, Victorian country competitions, adjudicated teams in SA and solos in WA, teams and solos at RSSS and in ACT and QLD. She has adjudicated all divisions of teams and solos. Paula has been a member of the ASCA committee for several years holding positions of Vice President, Accreditation Coordinator, Cadet Coordinator and Secretary and is currently the President. Paula currently coaches at coach at Glenroy Calisthenics Club, having coached all age groups and currently coaching the Masters.

Roberta Dwyer-Smith

Roberta has been involved in Calisthenics for almost 50 years, as a Competitor, Coach, Examiner & Adjudicator. As her Calisthenics progressed from competing (Championship Senior), 8 x RSSS Graceful Girl Finalist, through to achieving her ACF Gold Medal (1989) she developed her interest for Coaching & Adjudicating. As a Coach Roberta has achieved many highlights including 3 National Championships, CVI State Championship Aggregates, RSSS Aggregates & 5 Graceful Girl Titles including 2 Vera Hopton Trophy awards. Roberta’s passion for Calisthenics also includes presenting various topics for the VCCA Coach training program as well as interstate associations. She is passionate about helping to nurture future generations of coaches. Roberta is an ACF Examiner (Tests – Gold Medal) & has travelled to many States/Territories throughout Australia to present seminars & Officiate as an Examiner. Roberta is an Advanced 2 Adjudicator & has been an ASCA Vic member since 2006. Her Adjudicating experience includes a range of Solo & Panel appointments in Victoria, Queensland, ACT, SA & WA. Her 15+ years as a member also includes 2 years as a General Member on the ASCA Vic Committee. As well as being a Coach, Examiner, Adjudicator and Mother of 3 children she has completed her Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction. She is a member of Pilates Alliance Australasia & has been working as a Clinical Pilates Instructor for 10 years. Roberta undertook this course of study, as she is passionate about body movement and has also trained in Classical, Contemporary & Jazz Ballet. Roberta believes Pilates has a direct relationship with her Calisthenics experience and it has strengthened her knowledge to support the growth and development of participants. Roberta wishes to continue her involvement in Calisthenics for many years to come.


Sarah Carthew

Sharon Bates

Sharon commenced adjudicating in 2002, the year after retiring from the stage as a competitor. As a Competitor Sharon experienced calisthenics at the Championship level calisthenics for over 20 years, she has been a state team member over many years. Sharon was a competitor in Graceful and Calisthenics Solos including at RSSS and Nationals, multiple places in RSSS Graceful Solo, Senior CVI Graceful Winner Sharon coaches at the Championship level Coach of Juniors, Inters & Seniors, Solo Coach for ages 7 through to 26, State Team Coach, Pupil Skills/Medals Coach As an Adjudicator: Sharon is privileged to have adjudicated in every State and Territory of Australia, every age group and division, with highlights including CaliVic State Titles (Solos and Teams), RSSS Graceful and the inaugural RSSS Calisthenics Solo competitions. Sharon has volunteered her time extensively on various Calisthenics Boards and Committees, including the Calisthenics Victoria Board of Management, the Examiners Advisory Board and Adjudicating Committees. Presenter at National Coach/Adjudicator Conferences, VCCA Coach Seminar Presenter, Facilitator of many Coach Development workshops for various clubs, interstate bodies and rural and regional groups, and National representative squads all over Australia. As an Adjudicator, Sharon adopts a positive and supportive approach. Through her strong vocal encouragement of competitors, teams and their families, Sharon always strives to ensure everyone feels appreciated, fairly adjudicated and knows where to focus their improvement efforts for their next performance. She has a genuine appreciation for and deep understanding of the time, financial and emotional investment that calisthenics can require, and admires those who strive to be the best they can be.

Susan Anderson

Susan commenced adjudicating in 1999. She has adjudicated at Nationals, Victorian State Titles and RSSS, South Australia, Western Australia, Canberra, Queensland, ACT and NSW. Susan has been a member of the ASCA committee for several years and was a member of the original calisthenics teachers association called "CAV" back in the day. She was a member of the VCTA and VCCA for many years as a principal coach. Her performing and coaching years were spent training girls from the very new to calisthenics through to Championship level. Susan began coaching her very first "Physical Culture" solo to a young performer in the 6 years and under section and has coached all levels and age groups through to Graceful Girl at Royal South Street. She has had a number of various solo coaches throughout the years and has very special memories of training under the guidance of Miss Vera Hopton.

Tracey Tutin

Tracey was a pupil at Regent Calisthenics College for 16 years at Championship level. She was a two-time RSSS Graceful Girls finalist and toured the USA as a competitor and as a coach on 3 occasions. Tracey has over 47 years of coaching experience ranging in divisions from recreational to Championship. She coached at North East Border for 9 years, successfully winning multiple RSSS Aggregates resulting in moving the club from Division 10 to Division 3. Tracey also taught recreational calisthenics with her sister at Wangaratta. This has led to her having an overall prospective of Calisthenics at all levels. At Crown, of which was the Principal, Tracey coached the Sub-juniors, Juniors, Intermediates and assisted in the Seniors over the past 28 years. Tracey was the assistant coach for the Victorian State Team Intermediates in 1999 & 2000, and was a specialist coach for the 2003 Victorian State team Seniors. Tracey is an Advanced 2 maintenance Adjudicator with the ASCA Victoria Branch of which she has been a member for the past 25 years. Tracey has been married for the past 43 years to husband Mark and has two children, Laura and Luke, and is Grandmother to four gorgeous grandsons.