Key History of Coaching Dates

1958 VCTA (Victorian Calisthenic Teachers’ Association) started in November. This involved Joy Fildes, Sue Hayes, Inez Ellis, Enid Feltham, Aimee Nicholls, Millie Fagan, Iris Dunn, Vera Binstead, Joan Caelli, Betty Gale, Marj Coppock and Eral Goullet
1960 VCTA formed the Adjudicators panel of five – precursor to the Adjudicators’ Association
1966 VCTA Competition started in Melbourne
1980 Australian Society of Calisthenics formed with the aim to create and maintain a standardised examination system for all States and territories for all students and teachers
1982 VCTA Committee of Management formed, plus sub-branches at Western District, Bellarine and later North east Victoria
1984 Teacher training programs started which involved a systematic programme of skills learning and testing for teachers (Judi Currie and Viv Gannon led the board of education)
1985 Calisthenics Victoria Incorporated formed 27 members - 8 from the VCTA
1986 ASC passed the Pupil levels Programme to VCTA
1987 VCTA passed its Club competitions to CVI – forerunner to State Championships
1996 Name change from VCTA to VCCA (Victorian Calisthenic Coaches Association)
2017 VCCA amalgamated to become a Division of CVI
2023 After moving to a Company Limited by Guarantee, VCCA’s name changed to CVCC (Calisthenics Victoria’s Coaches Committee)