Calisthenics Victoria Affiliation

Published Mon 20 Nov 2023

Calisthenics Victoria (CaliVic) has today provided notice to the Australian Calisthenics Federation (ACF) of our decision to no longer be affiliated with the ACF. This decision has not been undertaken lightly as it is the result of an almost decade-long journey to seek improved conditions for our members.   

As your state body, we have been open and transparent over the long journey we’ve had trying to seek improvement and action from the ACF.  Unfortunately, these efforts have not delivered any sustainable change to the key areas the ACF are responsible for, and which directly impact CaliVic members. These key areas include:   

  • Investment in national programs to advance the sport across the country, including in Victoria.  
  • Maintenance of products including coach education resources and the skills program.  
  • Ensuring policies and procedures are consistent with societal expectations and legislative requirements.  
  • Governing and administering the sport under the principles of good governance.  

And so, having exhausted all avenues to seek change over this extensive period of time, the CaliVic Board have made the decision that, from 2024 CaliVic will no longer affiliate with the ACF.   

Please find attached our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about what this means for you. This document will be continuously updated as we receive questions from the community via phone, email and through our forums.

If you have any questions please email 

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